How to get your online doctor to prescribe you Provigil?

If you want the cognition enhancer Provigil, and looking for sneaky yet legal ways to get Provigil online, then this article is for you. We wish to provide tips on how to convince an online doctor to prescribe you Provigil.

A Lesser feasible way to get a prescription for Provigil

Approaching an online doctor is more advantageous than consulting an offline doctor because it will cost much less money and saves you a lot of time. You do not have plan your visit and re-schedule all your tasks just to visit the doctor. An online doctor will be available at all times and you only need an internet connection to contact the doctor.

You can’t just approach an online doctor any say, “Hey doctor, I heard that Provigil is very good in enhancing the memory power. So why don’t you prescribe me with one.” No. That will never work. An online doctor will only prescribe you with Provigil if he thinks that you have a condition that need to be treated by Provigil. Just because you heard that this pill is good they would not prescribe you will the pill. They will verify your case and see what you need for the treatment. So, approaching the doctor directly would not work.

Possible ways to get your doctor to prescribe you Provigil

Research about the pill and what medical conditions it is employed in treating. For instance Provigil is used for treating narcolepsy, a condition that makes a person sleep excessively during the day.

You can convince your online doctor that you have ADHD and you are also obese so you do not want to use any stimulants. This is one of the easy ways to prove to your doctor that you might be suffering from narcolepsy.

You can also tell him that your ADHD is making you struggle in life because you are not able to focus to perform your daily tasks. You can also tell that you have had bad experience when you used Adderall and Ritalin in the past.

Tell your doctor that your lingering conditions are causing a serious effect in your career and relationships and you need the support of the medication to go without any trouble.

So depending on the online doctor, this route will work for most people and you will be able to get an online prescription for Provigil. After hearing all your conditions and discussion the only pill that would be left for a doctor to prescribe would be Provigil.

Other ways to get a Provigil online prescription

If one online doctor is not convinced by your story, you can approach other online doctor to get the prescription. There are plenty of online pharmacies that offer a prescription with a very low fee. It is completely legal to buy Provigil with an online prescription and get it imported to US but only for personal pills. So, there would be a limit on how much you can order online. Check the regulations in your country and proceed with getting an online prescription for Provigil.