How To Stop Panic Attacks

How To Stop Panic Attacks

Can we stop panic attacks? Yes. Is it easy to stop them? No. Intense fear, anxiety, shaking inside and out, rapid breathing, sweating, shortness of breath, tingling, chest pains and nausea. All these can be symptoms of a panic attack and having them can be very hard. Finding a way to stop panic attacks is achievable with help. The attacks are real and you feel like you are going crazy or going to die, but your not.

Where do Panic Attacks Come From?

The onset of a panic attack can come from many places. Biological disorders such as, Stress Disorder, Hypoglycemia and Post Traumatic Stress. Other places they could come from include phobias, loss, emotional stress, life changes and high stress environments. What ever the cause, finding a way to stop panic attacks is very important for the quality of ones life.

Medications can be a reason for the onset of a panic attack and it is usually listed in the side effects. Alcohol and drug use can cause panic attacks. Hyperventilation, chronic and serious long term illnesses can also be a trigger. In each person, the reason or combination of reasons are personal and no two cases are completely alike.

Getting Help to Stop Panic Attacks

People who suffer many panic attacks are considered to have a panic disorder. This is when there is no specific situation to bring on an attack and it starts unprovoked. To stop panic attacks you really have to do a combination of things. Psychological therapy and medication work together to relieve the sufferer from an attack. Some people will want to take the medication to stop panic attacks without the therapy but many times there are relapses.

Medications can help with the symptoms and may even completely stop panic attacks but finding the right one is not always easy. Antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs are often prescribed to tone down the symptoms of a panic attack but are usually only prescribed after a study of the patient has been carried out. Many times the medication will take weeks to actually begin to stop panic attacks but the person suffering may want to stop taking the medication believing that it is not working. In truth the medication takes time to build up in a persons system.

Therapy and Counseling to Help Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks

Another way to stop panic attacks is through therapy or counseling. Sometimes just talking about your life and stresses with an outsider can help your condition. Many times we feel we are handling things ok but our mind and body feels overwhelmed. Spending time digging deep into our issues is a good way to clean out the mind and the heart and give us a new perspective on things.

If you want to stop panic attacks you can do it, but you will need help. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for it, which is what the specialists are there for. You are not crazy, and you are not alone. You are just feeling the effects like thousands of other people who have suffered from panic problems. You can get control of your life and learn to handle the triggers that start these problems and you can stop panic attacks permanently.