Why Propecia 1mg is men’s first choice for treating hair loss?

Why Propecia 1mg is men’s first choice for treating hair loss?

Propecia is considered by both doctors and users as one of the best treatments that are currently available for hair loss. Propecia, the brand name of the drug Finasteride, is also the only FDA approved drug that is administered orally for hair-loss problems. Up to 80% of the buyers of Propecia have experienced positive results with this drug. They continue with the treatment with this drug and also recommend it to others who may have a similar problem. Propecia is used to treat hair loss only in men, but these users now consider it be the first choice due to the tremendous results experienced.

Propecia 1 mg and 5 mg are the two available doses. Users buy Propecia after getting prescribed to take it by their healthcare provider. The appropriate dosage and duration of treatment is provided. Propecia first halts the process of hair loss and then helps in the growth of new hair in place of the lost ones. Although the drug cannot regrow hair in someone who is completely bald, it can be effective in growing new hair by up to 30%. This entire process takes time and the Propecia buyer would have to use the drug for about three to six months continuously to see visible results on the scalp.

Why choose Propecia 1 mg?

The 1 mg dose of Propecia is the lowest strength available. However, this dose is very potent and a single Propecia 1mg dose is taken every day at the same time to continually suppress the hormone that causes hair loss. Most buyers of Propecia find the drug to be effective with just this dosage strength. If it does not seem to be effective, then the higher dose of Propecia 5 mg is administered.

The drug works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the hormone that weakens hair follicles.

The Propecia 1 mg is sufficient in suppressing the DHT levels by 60% to 70%. This really helps to stop further hair loss. Using the higher dose is recommended only when the 1 mg dose doesn’t work as the risk of side effects also increases.

Ordering Propecia 1 mg from an online store

Many users prefer to buy Propecia online as doing so has many benefits. The Propecia 1 mg is used for the long-term treatment that extend for more than a year. Getting Propecia online is better as you can buy the drug in bulk and save more with the discounted rates available. The treatment with Propecia would not interrupted either as you can refill your prescription faster online if you seem to be running out of pills. Buy Propecia 1 mg online at your own convenience and that too with some of the best deals. Even if the preferred brand of Finasteride is not available at your local brick-and-mortar drugstore, you would be sure to get it from a trusted online pharmacy. Order the pills online in the best quality and the quantity of your choice and recover from the hair loss problem with continued treatment.